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Sept. 17, 2020

2 for Too Many Podcasts! (Day 2) We Veg Out with Matt Preston of "The Apathetic Vegan"

2 for Too Many Podcasts! (Day 2) We Veg Out with Matt Preston of "The Apathetic Vegan"

Thanks for coming back for Day 2 of 2 for Too Many Podcasts! (What, you waited for me all day to show up?) Today I got to interview Matt Preston, a self-described "non-militant vegetarian" The discussions can get pretty heady-seriously. Listen to what he had to say about the rampant Facebook debate about honey. Yes, honey...the thing that sticks to everything else and never goes bad. But Matt doesn't sweat stuff like that. Check out his podcast and website of the same name. You can really learn a lot about the vegetarian lifestyle, and be better informed about what you're putting in your stomach and taking good care of yourself. Just don't break out some honey in front of someone on Facebook. Nobody likes a sticky mobile phone.... Thanks for swinging by, Matt1

Matt's info: Website: theapatheticvegan.com Twitter:@Apathetic_Vegan, Pinterest: TAV1421,: Facebook:@TAVPC

Matt's Faves: Comedy Podcasts; Weird Medicine with Dr. Steve

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