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Sept. 1, 2021

2 Interviews for the price of 1! (Wait, they're free?)

2 Interviews for the price of 1! (Wait, they're free?)
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Well, Rebels, every once in a while, there comes a time when I will air several interviews in 1 episode. Some of you know the reason why, but I'm still trying to figure it out. First up--If you prefer your podcast language to be uncensored and meandering, then check out The Law Offices of Quibble, Squabble, and Bicker. The language and subject matter has been edited to a kind of PG-13 for this show. The guys ket counting every time an f-bomb went off, and there were quite a few. And that was me, just trying to get the recording to work properly! Afterwards, I chatted with Squidz Killinit, a podcaster/dj/photographer in Wyoming, who hosts the podcast "Next 2 The Lamp". (Hey, it's a wide open state, with a lot of work to be done.) Two very different styles on display this week, and the good news is none of them tried to sell me a timeshare. Thanks for coming on, guys!

Quibble, Squabble, & Bicker's (Matt, Greg, and Brendan) info::Website- qsblaw.org, TikTok & Twitter @qsblaw

Quibble, Squabble & Bicker's faves: (Greg) China, If You're Listening, The Best Movies Never Made, The Dollop; (Brendan) Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History, Making Sense, Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast, The Happy Hour Newscast; (Matt) The Happy Hour Newscast, The Adventures of the Albino Rhino, The Movie Theatre Time Machine, The Law Offices of Quibble, Squabble, and Bicker.

Squidz' (Mike) info: Twitter:@SquidzKillinit , @Next2theLamp; Instagram :@squidzkillinit , @next2thelamp, Squidz Killinit Photography

Squidz' faves: Your Mom's House, Bad Friends, The Josh Potter Show, Hey Babe, Dr. Drew After Dark.

Next week, the lovely and talented Jenna Coker-Jones gets her own interview. So there! Be sure to listen.

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Publicist Extraordinaire: Steven Joiner

Music Credits/Voiceovers: Bruce Goldberg ( aka Mr. Bruce)

Other Voices: The Sherpalu Studio Players

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