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Feb. 2, 2022

A Not-So Random chat with Kristian Madsden of "The Random Kristian Show"!

A Not-So Random chat with Kristian Madsden of
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If there's anything to be learned after almost 200 episodes it's this: Do a good Homer Simpson impression, welcome to the show! This was another off-the-wall interview. Kristian has led quite the interesting life, and he brings it all to "The Random Kristian Show", where you never quite know what to expect (Random, get it?). Given his time as a radio DJ and comic, Kristian is perfectly comfortable behind a microphone. Unlike me, who is constantly asking, "Is this thing working yet?" But have a listen to this interview, and check out Kristian's podcast, where he may one day do an impression of me. It won't be that hard-he just has to tell bad jokes, Thanks so much for coming by, Kristian!

Kristian's info: Website:www.therandomkristianshow.com, Facebook & Instagram: @therandomkristianshow, Twitter @KristianRandom

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Next week, It's dog trainer Kim Hawkinson. Don't play dead, play the podcast!

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