Sept. 8, 2021

Actress Jenna Coker-Jones Puts a Fine (Exclamation) Point on Eating Healthy!!

Actress Jenna Coker-Jones Puts a Fine (Exclamation) Point on Eating Healthy!!

As you will plainly hear, Rebels, this was a fun show. Jenna is every bit the bundle of energy that you see in the promo videos for her website. And what a talented lady, I should add, as well! She's clearly led an interesting life, and is a born entertainer.  I love it when a guest can come on the show and just have fun while getting their story across. (But please keep in mind that if you are considering changing the way you eat, PLEASE consult with a medical professional, as this is not a medical podcast, and that I'm presenting the viewpoints and methodologies of my guests.You'll note that Jenna said that she will work with her clients' doctors.) So, have a listen to a fascinating story, and get to know a super-fun lady, whom I hope lands a podcast of her own one day. And if you're in St. Louis, MO, "Walk Like A Man" and catch Jenna and her hubby in the stage production of "Jersey Boys". (Please disregard this announcement if you decided to listen to this episode in 2045.) Thank so much for coming on the show, Jenna!

Jenna's info: Website:,, Instagram:@theglowingfoxlife, @jennacokerjones. 

Jenna's faves: Foot Traffic Formula, The Ann & Phelim Scoop, Uncover, Up The Hill, Finding Cosby

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Next week, it's Sarah K. Ramsey of "The Toxic Person Proof Podcast." Another interesting conversation here! AND hear about The Sherpa's beef with (#cancelReddit)!!

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