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Oct. 15, 2020

Amazing Women, Incredible Stories (Day 4): It's a "black and white chat" with Kat (Lively) of "Calling Old Hollywood"

Amazing Women, Incredible Stories (Day 4): It's a "black and white chat" with Kat (Lively) of "Calling Old Hollywood"

Ok, Rebels, you heard the story right- Kat jammed with Green Day when she was 11! ELEVEN years old. When I was 11, the only jam I ever got close to, was the stuff that spilled on my lap. So, I guess it's no surprise that she's such a fan of old Hollywood movies. Kat appreciates the past but can look toward the future. Plus, she was such an incredible guest. She's got an interesting perspective on what makes classic Hollywood truly memorable.  Check out her podcast to find out more. Oh, and look for her music online. Really good stuff, too! Thanks so much for coming on the show. Kat! 

We've got another episode tomorrow, featuring Stacy Toy!

Kat's info: Website: callingoldhollywood.com , Facebook: @CallingOldHollywood; Twitter: @cohpod; Instagram: @callingoldhollywood

Kat's Faves: You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, Heart Wisdom with Jack Kornfield

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