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Nov. 20, 2019

Come On, Get Happy! Dr. Lindsay Weisner of "Neurotic Nourishment" talks Happiness (WITHOUT swearing!)!

Come On, Get Happy! Dr. Lindsay Weisner of
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I'll bet some of my previous podcast guests know a thing or two about past life experiences, but something tells me Dr. Lindsay Weisner was a standup comic in a previous life...or maybe will be in a future one? She had me laughing so much during our interview with her quick wit and impeccable comic timing. You get the full effect when you listen to her and her buddy Sharone in their podcast, "Neurotic Nourishment." (This was her dialing it down on my show!) But, swearing or not, she's got a lot of interesting things to say, so I'm sure when her book comes out, it will be a "must-read". Her perspective on life is simply fascinating. You would think that someone who counsels depressed and suicidal patients would see such a dark side of the world; instead, she shows you that there's always hope and light. There are no illusions here, though-she calls it as she sees it. She told me she likes podcasting because it gives her the chance to meet new people....but this time, the pleasure was all mine. Here's hoping we get to work together again. While I'm still older than her....

Lindsay's info: Podcast-Neurotic Nourishment; Twitter-@PsychShrinkMom; Instagram-@pyschshrinkmom, @neuroticnourishment, #tenstepstofindinghappy

Lindsay's faves-Jillian's Podcast, Five Guys, Cultivated Conversations; Cheesecake & Crying, Coffee Meets Vodka

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That's it for The Sherpa Sheet this week. I've got interesting shows  coming your way. Catch my interview with Brandon, co-host of "10ish" next week. Maybe I'll do a Top 10 for that week...hmmm, how about "Top 10 numbers under 11?"  See you then! #VivaLaSherpalution!

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Dr. Lindsay WeisnerProfile Photo

Dr. Lindsay Weisner

Psychologist, Author, Podcaster

Dr. Weisner is a psychologist from Long Island, NY, specializing in treating people with anxiety and depression. She is the co-author of "10 Steps To Finding Happy" with previous guest Selene Castrovilla, and also blogs on "Psychology Today". She's also featured on 2 podcasts, and is certainly NOT afraid to speak her mind. Plus, she's lots of fun!