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April 17, 2019

Communicating about Communication with David Battaglia, Host of "Perception Is Reality"

Communicating about Communication with David Battaglia, Host of
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Welcome to the Sherpa Sheet! This time around it's a (bit more serious than usual) chat with David Battaglia about his podcast, "Perception Is Reality." David was a pleasure to speak with, and (I'll say it again for Episode 3), a big help. Check his podcast out and notice how tactfully he handles what could be uncomfortable conversations for many of us. We talk about how social media and political beliefs affect conversation in these times, and how to be a better conversationalist with those you might disagree with. Definitely stuff for me to keep in mind as I continue my own podcasting journey, aka "The Sherpa-lution". Oh, and we also rave about Allison Sharpe of Travel Snacks! (Remember her from Episode 1?) After our chat, a few Sherpa Suggestions on podcasts about communication. Then, I sing the finale from "Rigoletto". (What's that? It didn't record? Ummm...never mind that last part.) Here is the information provided by David: Podcast: Perception Is Reality; Website:Perception Is Reality.online; Social Media- Instagram +Twitter: @pirpodcast ; Email pirpodcast@gmail.com, Call: 585-210-0240 Podcasts recommended by David: Travel Snacks, Colin can Help, A Little Bit of Everything With Me Here are this week's Sherpa Suggestions for other communications podcasts to check out:The Communication Guys Podcast; The Communication Diva; The Argument(warning: very political!);and, Clear + Vivid with Alan Alda. So, that's it for this week's Sherpa Sheet. Please subscribe and spread the word. I'd love to see how many People of the Pod we have. Follow this podcast on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, email me at jimthepodcastsherpa@gmail.com. or leave a voicemail through the Anchor app. I'll try and mention or play any messages I get on an upcoming show. Once we start building a following, I have some plans, so hop to it!  Thank you for putting up with me and my silliness. Or at least me.... --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/jim-the-podcast-sherpa/message