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April 8, 2020

COVID-19 : Lauren and Nick of "Just Na Science" give us the straight facts!!

COVID-19 : Lauren and Nick of "Just Na Science" give us the straight facts!!

It's those crazy lovebirds, the "Just Na" Scientists to the rescue! And their Little Jerry, too! I felt they were far better qualified to explain what's going on than I ever could be. And of course, I was right! We may hear about this constantly on the news, and it's very bleak, but they can help all of us understand exactly what's happening here. And it's important to be informed, especially since we ALL play a part in containing the spread of the virus. So once again, mucho thanks, my friends! And now we return to your regularly scheduled podcast ,where Little Jerry sings that Zoresto song.

Here are the coronavirus episodes that are already on the "Just Na Science" website. Please check them out. Be informed. And be safe, Rebels!







(Also, check last season's episode for the last time they visited!)

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