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June 17, 2020

David "The Norseman" Williams of "Socially Disabled Veterans" Pays it Forward and Rallies the Troops!


I forgot to mention that David is the brother-in-law of my Publicist Supreme, Steven Joiner, who, as always, goes wayyyy above and beyond to find your Sherpa amazing guests. Thanks again, Big Guy! (Don't worry, you'll meet him later this season.) David was really something else, moving in his life from Marine sniper to someone who STILL aids and supports the troops through his podcast. His language in his show is very direct, sometimes a bit sweary, but the man gets his point across. All in the name of helping soldiers transition to civilian life. For a guy who's been deployed around the world, he truly gets being home. Thanks for the interview, Norseman, and for all you do. Semper Fi! (Wait, am I allowed to say that?)

David's information: Podcast: TheSocially Disabled Veterans Podcast; Website: survivalhardwarellc.com , YouTube: Dave The Norseman Email: sociallydisabled03xx@gmail.com; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: Socially Disabled or Dave The Norseman

Dave's Faves:The Gary Vee Audio Experience; Tony Robbins; The Joe Rogan Experience; Think, Grow; The Survival Podcast; The Modern Day Shooter 

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Thanks to all of you for listening. Next week, I'm getting in the ring with 2 former pro wrestlers. (No, not literally!) for The Sherpa Screening Room! Stay tuned, rebels...#VivaLaSherpalution!

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