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July 20, 2022

Discover "What's Under the Bed?" with Dax (with help from his dad, Kai)! (Season 9 Premiere)


Ahh, fathers and sons! I find it so cool that Dax and Kai have a strong bond over their love of horror movies, which ultimately led to his podcast. The scariest thing I  ever did with my dad was "get the screwdriver". And we all know what mayhem THAT will lead to! But that actually gives me an idea for a horror movie when I get to speak to another movie director. You can just hear the enjoyment in their voices when they talk about their favorites and their love for the genre. Which kind of reminds me. I think my dad is still waiting for me to bring him that screwdriver, so I should probably just thank Kai and Dax for coming on the show, while my dad tries to get our electricity working. Thanks, guys!

Dax's fave podcasts: The Dead Meat Podcast, The Kill Count, Talk Scary To Me

Dax's info: Instagram @whatsunderthebadwithdax' YouTube: What's Under The Bed with Dax, Twitter: @UndertheBed

These are the podcasts that were sampled for "Sherpa Samples":

  1. On Purpose with Jay Shetty
  2. We Can Do Hard Things with Glennan Doyle
  3. The Gary Vee Experience
  4. Against The Rules with Michael Lewis
  5. The Tim Dillon Show
  6. The Ben Shapiro Show
  7. The Megyn Kelly Show
  8. The Dan LeBetard Show with Stu Gotz
  9. WTF with Marc Maron
  10. The Tim Ferriss Show

Next week, we're in "The Sherpa Screening Room" with director Christy Crandall!

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