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July 7, 2021

Don't "draw" any conclusions (*groan*) about animation-Mark Stancil of Terminus Media is Here!

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This episode, I feel, truly represents a labor of love. Oh, not for me, I'm talking about my guest, Mark Stancil, of Terminus Media! My true labor of love is transforming my belly button lint back into the original sweater from whence it came.But, back to Mark. He's a guy who, along with others, created new comics and graphic novels from the things that inspire him.I strongly suggest checking out his website for a gander of the wondrous creations that they are. They always say , if you do what you love, it's not really working. But what if I love being on vacation? Anyway, that's a thought for another day. But in the meantime, give it a look-it's really incredible material. Thanks for stopping by, Mark!

Mark's info Sherpa Suggestions (Animation Podcasts): Website: terminusmedia.com.

Sherpa Suggestions( Animation Podcasts):

  • The Animation Addicts Podcast
  • The Animated Journey: Interviews with Animation Professionals
  • The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast
  • The Saturday Morning Cartoon Boom
  • Animation Fascination
  • The Illustration Department Podcast
  • What A Cartoon!

Next week, for the Season 6 finale, we're in "The Sherpa Screening Room" with Frank Ferrante, star of "An Evening with Groucho" Lots of fun here!

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