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June 15, 2022

Eat the Microfilm! It's ex-Army spy Pete Turner, of "The Break It Down Show"!

Eat the Microfilm! It's ex-Army spy Pete Turner, of "The Break It Down Show"!

Interesting coincidence- Pete has interviewed drummer Stewart Copeland, and a week later, I hear an interview with Tim Ferriss, and who else? Stewart Copeland! What can we conclude from this, Rebels? Stewart Copeland is clearly avoiding me. But that has little bearing on today's episode. Pete has definitely spent time with greats, near-greats, and people who will leave you in wide-eyed wonder. And he gets their stories out with the passion of a former spy. I'm glad he was able to discuss this portion of his life without someone showing up in the room to announce that the interview was over, and the Zoom screen going dark. (Sometimes that happens to me when I'm at my parents' chalet.) His shows aren't always what you expect-they're actually more than what you'd expect. Give the guy a listen, will ya? Thanks for coming on the show, Pete!

Pete's info: Website- breakitdownshow.com , Facebook: @breakitdownshow ; Twitter: @BreakItDownshow; YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzpPhHDkj4ZsuLX6JWJTx9w Email: pete@breakitdownshow.com

These are the shows that were sampled this week for "Sherpa Samples":

  1. Up First
  2. Planet Money
  3. The Indicator
  4. Throughline
  5. Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!
  6. Fresh Air
  7. All Songs Considered
  8. How I Built This with Guy Raz
  9. The TED Radio Hour

Next week, it's "The Sherpa Screening Room" with returning guest Dale Niehaus!

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