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Jan. 15, 2020

Everyone's a critic! (Which is why Rhonda hosts "One Bad Review"!)

Everyone's a critic! (Which is why Rhonda hosts "One Bad Review"!)

I dunno. Has this world gone so crazy that EVERYTHING in creation has to get a review? (Well, if you're nice, you'll give a nice one for my podcast on Apple Podcasts...hint,hint...) Sometimes, all you need to buy is socks, and not hear Bob from Sheboygan's one-star review because the socks "did not bring world peace as I hoped". But Rhonda on her show discusses bad online reviews, and some personal experiences with products, too. Online reviews are unavoidable as socks that don't bring world peace. Sorry to keep this short, but I'm a man with a banana slicer to buy.....

Rhonda's information : Podcast: One Bad Review; Facebook and Twitter: @One Bad Review.

Rhonda's picks:Living La Vida Low Carb; Tweet Trends; Junk Foodies; The Vacuum Podcast; Sword and Scale

Sherpa Suggestions: iTunes Favorite 2019 Podcasts 

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  2. The Gary Vee Audio Experience;
  3. The Bill Simmons Podcast;
  4. The Herd;
  5. Hidden Brain;
  6. The NPR Politics Podcast;
  7. The Dan LeBetard Show with Stugotz;
  8. Oprahs SuperSoul Conversations'
  9. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard;
  10. This American Life;
  11. Crime Junkie;
  12. How I Built This with Guy Raz;
  13. TED Radio Hour;
  14. Pod Save America;
  15. Pardon My Take
  16. NPR Up First;
  17. NPR Planet Money;
  18. NPR Fresh Air;
  19. My Favorite Murder;
  20. TED Talks Daily;
  21.  The Ben Shapiro Show;
  22. The Dave Ramsey Show;
  23. Stuff You Should Know;
  24. The Daily;
  25. The Joe Rogan Experience

Whew! That's some list.! Hopefully, there will be a few that you'll like. We'll be switching over the social meia handles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to @Sherpalution, with a new website to follow as well. Hope you will visit. Don't forget to Subscribe and spread the word! #VivaLaSherpalution! 

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