Alllson Sharpe of "Travel Snacks"

YouTuber, Podcast Host

The very first guest on "Too Many Podcasts!" And as I say, always wonderful when she comes back on!

August 14, 2019

Now boarding! The return of Allison Sharpe from "Travel Snacks"!

She's back! With snacks! And an announcement! I must confess that I wasn't happy with the audio quality of our first interview( as much as I enjoyed the interview), but that's my fault as an inexperienced podcaster. So as far...

Travel YouTuber

April 03, 2019

Get your passport ready! It's Travel Snacks time with Allison Sharpe!

Welcome to my debut, and sorry for the delay! What better way to kick off a podcast than with a travel theme with Travel Snacks host Allison Sharpe? Allison discusses her podcast, how to make travel better, and her famous soc...

Travel YouTuber