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Lauren and Nick of "Just Na Science"

Scientific Podcast Hosts

The "lovebirds" of the laboratory, are always there to debunk all of those ridiculous scientific theories in the Internet Wasteland. And with their little dog, too! They were so helpful with the COVID-19 episode,,too!


COVID-19 : Lauren and Nick of "Just Na Science" give us the straight facts!!

April 8, 2020

It's those crazy lovebirds, the "Just Na" Scientists to the rescue! And their Little Jerry, too! I felt they were far better qualified to explain what's going on than I ever could be. And of course, I was right! We may hear …


Say "yes" to "Just Na Science"...Nick and Lauren show us why!

Jan. 8, 2020

They blinded me with SCIENCE! And hit me with some comedy! (Okay, that meets my weekly quota of 80's pop song references.You're welcome, Thomas Dolby.) Lauren and Nick are a great couple. And super-smart, too! I'm very glad …