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Oct. 30, 2019

Hey, Howard Stern, "Howiedoinit"? It'll be great when you meet Howie Kra, this week's guest!!

Hey, Howard Stern,

LL Cool J  once rapped,"'Don't call it a comeback..." , but we all have those moments we need to bounce back from. Failures, breakups, scandals, maybe bigger, or smaller. (But enough about my afternoon in the Piggly Wiggly). I can count on my hand the number of podcasters who were run over by a bus, were told they would never walk again, and then ended up running marathons. That count is "one", as in the one and only Howie Kra. If you find nothing inspiring about his story, maybe you need to look up the word "inspiring" again. Thanks to his wonderful assistant Amber, I got to talk to him firsthand. Ex-Wall Street guy, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, father..he's had his shares of highs and lows, but ;ike he says, be accountable and just show up, if you want to get over the hurdles you may encounter. I'm looking forward to him getting a TED talk. I hope when he goes, he hears the cheers of me...and the Rebels of the Sherpalution! Howie's info:Podcast: Howiedoinit, Website: https://howiedoinit.com, Instagram/Favebook@ Howiedoinit Howie's faves: The Happiness Lab; How I Built This; The Youest You; Morning Brew; Business Casual; Peak Performers, The Kevin Sheehan Show Sherpa suggestions; Howiedoinit; Resilience Unravelled; Road To Resilience; Real Life Resilience; Resilience Is My Beauty; Resilience; Survival; Outperform; Success Through Failure That's it for this week's Sherpa Sheet. Now that I have my dates right, click on this link on November 1 for the promo to my next podcast project " The Expert Factory." https://anchor.fm/theexpertfactory  Don't forget to click "subscribe", so when new episodes debut, they will be ready on your podcast app (on Anchor)! Thanks in advance for checking it out! Here's the Marc "The Shark" MMA Show Episode link for YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhDftLzVrIk&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1NTdh7fMCPreEGrNi72Ylj95xDSTysfKktBeNsAi11CaS8PlZK9qvW9PE --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/jim-the-podcast-sherpa/message

Howie Kra of

Howie Kra of "Howiedoinit"!

Podcaster, Motivational Speaker

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