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Oct. 9, 2019

Hey, Joe Rogan! Marc "The Shark" Ritorto is back in the Sherpa Chalet!!

Hey, Joe Rogan! Marc "The Shark" Ritorto is back in the Sherpa Chalet!!

Okay, Joe Rogan, do I have your attention? This is a guest you need for your show. Father of 4 talented daughters, novelist, martial artist, and host of his own MMA podcast. I'd say he checks all the boxes! Marc's always a lot of fun to talk to, and it was nice of him to make time for an interview even after getting back from a meet the teacher night at his daughters' school. (Hopefully, I'm not failing science...again...) You'll learn about the history of MMA, and some of Marc's most interesting guests. Also, which fighters should you keep an eye out for...as long as they won't knock your teeth out? Aso, hear about what movies inspired Marc's writing? (Hey, wait, isn't that the other way around?

Marc's Info: Websites: www.marvthesharkmmashow.com, www.ritortofamilybooks.com; Twitter-@marcbjjfighter, Facebook-@ritortofamilybooks,@marcthesharkmmashow; Instagram-@Marc_ritorto

Marc's faves: A Little Bit of Everything, The Joe Rogan Experience

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