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July 15, 2020

It's a "Wylde" time with Christopher Stolle of "Realm of the Mist Entertainment"!

It's a

Nowadays, instead of Jumping off the top rope, Chris Stolle is body-slamming Podcastia with his podcast network! Not only was he a fun guest, but so were some of his network cohorts in previous episodes.(Notice a pattern, Rebels?) He's clearly a guy with an ear for talent (but hopefully not a cauliflower ear). Check out some of his free, online, original music, too! Thanks, Chris! 

Chris' info: YouTube: Realm of The Mist; Sounds Dicey Gaming; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @Christopher Michael Stolle

Chris' faves: The Sock Drawer;Press A Gaming; Rude and Reckless; Dice, Camera, Action; Dum Dums & Dice; Dumb Scum & Villainy; Critical Roll; Collider; The Schmo Knows; Hollywood Babylon.

Sherpa Suggestions: (Shows from The New Realm of The Mist Podcast Network)

  • Breaking The Fourth Wall w/ Chris Stolle
  • The Sock Drawer Podcast
  • Chronicles by The Campfire
  • Chronicles of the Lost Realm
  • My Worst Holiday (Future TMP guest)
  • Scott Silverman's Happy Hour
  • Journal of the Jedi
  • In A City Like Yours (Prior TMP guest)
  • Journey To The East Podcast
  • One Non-Blonde(Future TMP guest!)
  • The Applause Radio Show
  • The Hungry Trilobyte
  • The Tinfoil Hat Society
  • Press A Gaming
  • It Had To Be Said
  • The Blown Spot Pro Wrestling Podcast
  • Surviving The Storm
  • What's In My Head?
  • The Freakin' Awesome Podcast
  • Heavyweight Chumps (prior TMP guests)
  • The Coast To Coast Power Hour

That will do it for this week's edition of The Sherpa Sheet. Next week, It's 3 days of episodes, 4 actors, 1 publicist....and a partridge in a pear tree!

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