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Feb. 3, 2021

It's John from "From Podcast to Vodcast" (...to Sherpa?)

It's John from "From Podcast to Vodcast" (...to Sherpa?)

I think if you've got a podcast and you want to bring it to a video platform, then John's show is what you need to listen to. And of course, if you're looking for an example of what not to do week, to week, congratulations, Columbus, welcome to the New World! Wait, did I say "Welcome to Season 6"? Apparently not, and fortunately, the voices in my head didn't answer. John was lots of fun to talk to, and his studio literally looked like a fake Zoom background, but you can tell the work that he's doing is very real. John actually interviewed someone who was supposed to be on this show. I interviewed them, but the file was unusable.. Well, because my voice was on it-do you blame me? Anyway, I'm glad he got his interview.. And thanks so much for coming on the show!

John's info: Website: vodsquad.live ; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: @podtovod

John's faves: Dad's World Live, Jeff needs Sports, Pod Jerky, From The Middle, Monday Morning Podcast (Bill Burr)

Sherpa Suggestions(Podcasts about podcasting): https://www.weeditpodcasts.com/top-10-podcasts-about-podcasting/

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  • She Podcasts
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  • Podcaster's Roundtable
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