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Nov. 4, 2020

It's Season 5-"Sports Week" Tips Off with Coach Scott Fields!

It's Season 5-"Sports Week" Tips Off with Coach Scott Fields!

Welcome to Season 5! So, do you love sports? Well then, my friend, you've come to the right place! Don't love sports? No worries, you'll like the podcasters for these 3 days. I had so much fun with all of them...and I'm not a big "sports guy". My strength is more in, um, napping. I'm STILL waiting for it to become an Olympic event. I'd give new meaning to "The Dream Team"! But I digress. It was a real pleasure to speak with Coach Scott. The man is truly a natural motivator, who definitely found his place in coaching . You'll love what he has to say about sports, being safe, and being able to share our gifts. Thank you, Mr. Dr. Reverend General President Coach Scott!

Scott's Info: Twitter: @scott_fields; Instagram: @CoachScottFields; YouTube: The Coach Scott Fields Show Facebook Live:facebook.com/coachsf

Scott's Faves: The WOJ pod, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Dan Patrick Show

Sherpa Suggestions (NBA Podcasts): Here's the link to the article I referred to: https://podcastreview.org/review/the-10-best-nba-podcasts/

  1. The Bill Simmons Podcast
  2. Breakaway
  3. Dunc'd On
  4. The Jump
  5. The Lowe Post
  6. All the Smoke
  7. Posted Up with Chris Haynes
  8. Real gM Radio
  9. Rights To Ricky Sanchez
  10. The Greatest of All Talk

Don't forget to check out The Coach Scott Fields Show!

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