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Nov. 27, 2020

It's the guys from " Canned Air"! (Which is NOTHING like "Podcast In A Mason Jar")

It's the guys from " Canned Air"! (Which is NOTHING like "Podcast In A Mason Jar")

I can imagine Jack, Jeremy, and Randy running the world's coolest comic book and video store, after this interview. They have a deep passion for comics, movies, video games, etc., and it really shows. They love playing games with their listeners, so check out their show for more details. I'd love to see them doing a live Q&A on their show. I doubt you could stump them, provided you stay away from Spider Man questions. (Sorry again, Randy. No control over my typing fingers.) But it's definitely podcasts like these that take you way back, and hear from the people who made those times so memorable. However, I'm guessing there won't be much nostalgia for 2020. '("Hey, remember how much fun the quarantine was?"..."ummm...no.") But anyway, thanks so much to the guys for stopping by!

Canned Air info: Website: cannedairpodcast.com Instagram: canned_air, Twitter: @cannedairpod, rediineradiollc.com

Canned Air faves:Criminal; Tell Em Steve-Dave; The Game Fix Podcast; The Mortal Combat Minute;  The Crypotonaut Podcast; 

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