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March 15, 2023

It's The Mini Episode (Contest Announcement included)!!

It's The Mini Episode (Contest Announcement included)!!

Have you got 18 minutes? Then, listen up! Today, I'm inviting you to follow me on my newsletter, "What's Shakin at The Sherpa Chalet?" , talking about 10 podcasts that are under 10 minutes long in "Sherpa Samples", AND announcing a NEW contest, where your review can win you some podcast merchandise! How much more mini can I get???

These are the podcasts featured on "Sherpa Samples":

  • The 7
  • Brain Stuff
  • All Things Considered
  • Science, Quickly
  • My Unsung Hero
  • Before Breakfast with Laura Vanderkam
  • 50 Things That Made The Modern Economy
  • Netflix is a Daily Joke
  • Best of The Worst
  • True Stories with Seth Andrews

**Also, The Newsworthy and Morning Cup of Murder


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