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Nov. 2, 2022

It's Voice Over Actor Flynn Hendrix of "I Know You Hear Me" (aka The Headlock Episode)!!!

It's Voice Over Actor Flynn Hendrix of
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It's easy to say Flynn is a nice guy and a lot of fun. Provided you'reFAR away from a wrestling ring. IN a wrestling ring, I'll just pray for a head start to run, By about 2 days. But as you'll hear in this interview, he's truly someone who puts his heart and soul into whatever he does, and is appreciative of the opportunity to do it. ( I hope Vic the Bruiser isn't reading this...) And on his podcast, he's brought so many worlds together, which makes for an interesting listen. Whether or not he's got a title belt (he normally does, mind you), he's a guy who will truly be a champ in his field. Thanks for coming on the show, Flynn! (There, I think I was nice enough to not get clocked with a folding chair...)

Flynn's faves: Something To Wrestle With, The Adam Carolla Show, This American Laugh, Theories of The Third Kind

Flynn's info: Website: theflynnhendrix.com ; Twitter: @theFlynnHendrix , @IKYHMPod  ; Instagram : @)i_know_you_hear_me_pod

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