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Jan. 22, 2020

Jeremy Sellars of "Think Like A Man" talks Podcasting, Political Correctness, and....Kangaroo Massacres?

Jeremy Sellars of
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Ok, exactly what was I thinking when I referred to my guest as Justin? I think the cough medicine kicked in when I was doing my editing. Apologies to Jeremy, who's such a cool guy! Normally I try to be clever with my Sherpa Sheet titles, but this one is true on all accounts! It was unfortunate that 1) Jeremy's co-host Daniel couldn't make it, and 2)I have a horrible, annoying, cough, but Jeremy ,nonetheless, was up to par for this interview. If you're listening to their show, you'll notice that they are not "in-your-face" with their opinions, but they do get their points across like gentlemen. And can't we all just take a cue from that? As different as our shows may be, there are plenty of listeners to go around, right? Jeremy was a great guest, and you just might find yourself subscribing to his podcast, too1 (Much thanks to Steven Joiner for the assist here.) 

Jeremy's info: Podcast: Think Like A Man; Twitter:@Lam19Think,  Email: thinkLAM2019@gmail.com Jeremy's faves:The Big Podcast with Shaq, The Way I Heard It (A Sherpa Favorite also), My Favorite Murder 

Sherpa Selections: (iTunes 2019 best new podcasts): 

  1. The Viall Files
  2.  Chelsea Handler: Life Will Be The Death of Me
  3.  22 Hours: An American Nightmare
  4.  Room 20
  5.  Throughline
  6.  On Purpose with Jay Shetty
  7.  Against the Rules with Michael Lewis
  8.  The Chernobyl Podcast
  9.  Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad
  10.  The Thing About Pam
  11.  Mobituaries with Mo Rocca
  12.  1619
  13.  White Lies
  14.  Stupid Genius with Emma Chamberlain
  15.  Blackout
  16.  Culpable
  17.  Phil In The Blanks
  18.  The Clearing
  19.  The Ron Burgundy Podcast (A Sherpa Favorite)
  20.  Man In The Window (The Golden State Killer)
  21.  Root of Evil
  22.  To Live and Die In LA 
  23. The Shrink Next Door
  24.  Over My Dead Body
  25.  The Dropout

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