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Dec. 18, 2020

John Orlando's podcast is PVD-lightful! (Seriously,...I couldn't come up with a more clever title???!!)

John Orlando's podcast is PVD-lightful! (Seriously,...I couldn't come up with a more clever title???!!)

This was a fun interview, Rebels. I felt John was a really interesting guest, and I'm glad you get to hear this interview. I, too, had aspirations of becoming a pro wrestler, but I kept putting the mask on backwards. Which made walking to the ring quite a challenge. But John, nonetheless, made a career in the wrestling biz, being the voice of various wrestling organizations. Now he's got  not only a podcast about stuff he likes, but he and (spoiler alert:future guest) Jason Taylor host the popular "Mat Talk." Which isn't about wrestling, but about Matlock.  Talk about extremes, huh? Wait, there might have been that one episode where Andy Griffith leapt off the top rope to prove someone's innocence. No? See what happens when you have an overload of useless information in your head? Anyway, Thanks to John for stopping by!

John's info: Website: pvdcast.com, Facebook, Instagram: @pvdcast,Twitter @pvdmvp  Mat Talk: Facebook: @mattalkpodcast 

John's faves: Jim Cornette Experience, The Lapsed Fan, Park After Dark.

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