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Dec. 18, 2019

Lights, Camera, Podcast! We're going to the Movies with Natalia Bye!

Lights, Camera, Podcast! We're going to the Movies with Natalia Bye!

And what better person to catch a flick with? Natalia is half the team of the "Movies with Cain and Tal" podcast. Both her and Cain bring fresh perspectives on the movies they discuss, whatever country the movie may be from. She accidentally called me Joe during the interview, which made me wonder if I owed her money. Or maybe Joe does? Anyway,I've noticed that she's certainly a talented force to be reckoned with.  You just might hear her composing a movie soundtrack one day! So, if I want to catch a movie with her (and her almost famous midriff), will the flight to Australia cost less then the candy I'll buy in the theatre?

Natalia's info: Podcasts: Movies with Cain and Tal, Earfloss Twitter: @movieswithcain1; Facebook,Instagram: @movieswithcainandtal  Email: movieswithcainandtal@gmail.com

Natalia's picks: 10ish, Bigfoot For Breakfast, Wining About Herstory

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That's it for this edition of the Sherpa Sheet. Next week, it will be a Christmas inspiration podcast, featuring my interview with Kat McLead. Hey, if she can turn her life around so that she know lives in a Southern California beach house, why can't you? (Well, not her beach house, anyway...)

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