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Jan. 1, 2021

Magician Anthony Presciutti Makes the Sherpa Disappear! (Wait, you were WISHING for That??!)

I grew up being really into magic for some time. I love close-up and a good card trick. There used to be "Magic" magazine, where you'd actually get blueprints to build stage illusions Unfortunately, my parents' homeowners' insurance went up when I tried to recreate that "making the Hoover Dam disappear" trick. But Anthony was a fun reminder of why I enjoy it so much. Hopefully, one day he'll et on "America's Got Talent" or another showcase, to give the world a taste of his talent. And honestly, the mentalist trick he performed was not pre-arranged in any way. All I asked him before we started recording was "Would you like to do a trick, and we can narrate it?" That was about as pre-arranged as it got. So thanks so much for coming on the show, Anthony. I hope you don't need dentures if we get to speak again!

Here's the link to Anthony's YouTube channel. Some really good stuff! https://www.youtube.com/user/iammiamiman

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