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April 8, 2019

Now We're Cookin' !!! Kc Gonzalez (of Chef Salty Pork) Has a Seat at the Sherpa's table

Now We're Cookin' !!! Kc Gonzalez (of Chef Salty Pork) Has a Seat at the Sherpa's table

Welcome to The Sherpa Sheet! We made it to Episode 2! It was a pleasure speaking with Kc Gonzalez, who was also a big help. In this episode, we talk about food, cooking, the restaurant biz, air frying for beginners, his "mystery restaurant", and cooking boogers. (Just listen, you'll get it)  Once again, I learned some stuff.  Another step in my evolution as a podcaster!

Plus, the debut of Sherpa Suggestions. This week, in keeping with the culinary theme, you get a few more cooking podcast suggestions.  I hope you check out Kc's show (don't call it a podcast!), and the other ones(you can call those podcasts!) out. If you have questions, comments, theme suggestions, or your own podcast you want promoted, email me at jimthepodcastsherpa@gmail.com. Or leave a voicemail through the Anchor app. I'll play it on the show...if you're nice! I plan on noting any listener comments on the show, as well. I need listeners,! Look for Too Many Podcasts on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)...I need followers!!. And spread the word, ok? Also, feel free to support the show with a donation. No pressure, there. The greatest gift you can give is to subscribe to the show. And have fun, too.

Thanks again for listening. We're on this journey together.

Kc's links: Instagram @pork.and.wine  youtube: pork and wine  band: sundaybravenj.com  videographer/photographer services 201 655 0055

Kc's podcast recommendation: The Boxers

Sherpa Suggestions for podcasts to check out: Chef Salty Pork,Start Cooking, Jamie's Ministry of Food Recipes, Meet The Chef, Epicurious Food and Drink, Gastropod, and The Sporkful

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