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May 3, 2023

Old Friends and Big Dogs Only! It's Scott from the "No New Friends" Podcast!

Old Friends and Big Dogs Only! It's Scott from the
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Rebels, at a certain age, I guess it's tricky to make new friends. (I still don't understand why I get so much flak for handing out applications. My rejection letters are highly regarded, you know...) It was interesting getting to know Scott, and hearing the story of how the podcast came into existence. We're going to have to do something about that podcast that keeps them from winning that award. I would suggest a horse head microphone, to send a message, but that might be kind of cool you know? (I'm not referring to an actual head of a horse, so calm down,you with the sign. I'm talking squeaky toy.) But anyway, have a listen, even if you're a Jersey or Florida man, and you happen to be made of cardboard (Don't worry, the interview explains everything.) Thanks for coming on the show, Scott!

Scott's info:Website: https://nonewfriendspodcast.com/ Instagram & TikTok: @no.new.friends.podcast; YouTube: @NoNewFriendsPodcast;Facebook: @nonewfriendspodcast

Scott's Faves:The Diz Hiz Podcast, Don't Wreck Yourself

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