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Sept. 7, 2022

Producer, Director, Actor, Author, Foodie, Podcaster-Put 'Em Together, it's Michael Arbouet of "The Quidditas Factor"!

Producer, Director, Actor, Author, Foodie, Podcaster-Put 'Em Together, it's Michael Arbouet of
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Not sure how many times I referenced it during the show,, but check out the "New York Minute" movie on YouTube. It's amazing how Michael can create so much tension for a movie in a short period of time. (I'm not talking the "New York Minute" music video from Don Henley. That's probably an entirely different source of tension.) Michael's definitely a guy who keeps himself busy with a lot of different projects. (AND he taught me the proper pronunciation of "quidditas" . Try using thatword in your next award presentation, Rebels.) But he's clearly a man on a mission with a movie-ready epic novel waiting in his back pocket. Thanks for coming on the show, Michael! (Lastly, if you're reading these show notes before hearing the show, sorry that so many sampled shows were so dark. Who would suspect that a podcast titled "Father Wants Us Dead" would have so much murder in it? )

Michael's faves: The Entourage Podcast

Michael's info: website: mikearbouet.com; Instagram: @filmguymike, Facebook: @mjatheauthor, Twitter: @michaeljarbouet

These were the shows sampled in "Sherpa Samples":

  • Distractible
  • You're Wrong About
  • Darknet Diaries
  • Counterclock
  • Father Wants Us Dead
  • Up and Vanished
  • Lore
  • Last Podcast on the Left
  • Something Was Wrong
  • Vigilante
  • Betrayal

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