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Sept. 11, 2019

Psychic Medium Samantha Jones gives us a "spirited" insight into the psychic world!

Psychic Medium Samantha Jones gives us a

True story- I had initially contacted another psychic for an interview about the psychic world, but they unfortunately never responded to my request. To that person, I offer a hearty "Thank you", because instead, I got to speak with Samantha Jones of "Spiritual Philos-O-Chatter with the Joneses"!!! So that person's lost opportunity was a victory for me as a podcaster. And how lucky was i? Samantha told me beforehand that she knew that psychic ability could be controversial to talk about, but my intent was to learn about the process, and not debate. I don't think anyone else could have provided an understanding of the psychic process better than Samantha.  Her interview definitely provided a new appreciation of something that I'm now a lot less skeptical about. Thanks, Samantha!! (Unfortunately, her husband Danny, who is her co-host, was unable to sit in for the interview, but the Sherpa Chalet says "thank you" to him as well.) Also! The spirit world-Hoobastank connection! Science vs. Psychics! Intuition rules the radio! And ,were Samantha's dogs telling us the interview was over?

Samantha's info:Podcast: Spiritual Philos-O-Chatter with the Joneses, Website: www.samanthajonespsychicmedium.com; Twitter/Instagram: @SpiritualJones

Samantha's faves:The Metaphysical Hour Hosted by Julia Cannon, Psychic insights for the Modern World with James van Praagh

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