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Sept. 2, 2020

Quick, Get His Autograph! It's Nick from "Fancounters"!

Quick, Get His Autograph! It's Nick from

We get those situations in our lives. The accidental...or intentional, meeting with a celebrity. But what's the celebrity's take on that encounter? Enter Nick and Elizabeth, with the "Fancounters" podcast. They bring to you stories from people from all over the entertainment world. Nick had some really interesting stories. Especially the one about "Peeee-ter" Brady actor, Chris Knight. (It's not what you think. Sort of.) I actually did have an "incident" with singer Samantha Fox, back in the 80's. (No police were involved, don't worry) It involves a beret, which probably ended up on the hat of a roadie named One-Eye. (Don't ask...litigation is still pending.)

Nick's info: Website- fancounters.com, FB: Sharpie Nation, @Fancounters, email: hello@fancounters.com

Nick's faves Worst Ever Podcast, The Dave Ramsey Show, Who Are These Podcasts?

Sherpa Suggestions (Podcasts hosted by celebrities):

  • Here's The Thing (Alec Baldwin)
  • Bunny Ears (Macauley Culkin & Matt Cohen)
  • The Big Podcast with Shaq (Shaquille O'Neal)
  • Tara and Johnny (Tara Lipinski & Johnny Weir)
  • What's the Tee? (RuPaul and Michelle Visage)
  • Snoop Dogg's GGN Podcast (Snoop Dogg)
  • Anna Faris Is Unqualified (Anna Faris)*
  • Armchair Expert (Dax Shepard)
  • It's Happening (Snooki!)

Next week, it's 3 days of "Faxes To Watch" in The Sherpa Screening Room. It's interviews with 3 talented actors to keep an eye on!

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