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March 18, 2020

Quick, Joe Rogan! Kristoffer Carter needs a lab coat, stat!

Quick, Joe Rogan! Kristoffer Carter needs a lab coat, stat!

Wow, what a way to end Season 2...with an experiment! And Kristoffer was at the ready. Let's see how it all turns out. As I mention on the show, after we recorded this episode, I recorded an episode for "From Where I Sit" with Kris. I think by that point in time, we were getting a bit giddy. But you'll have to hear it for yourself. And on "From Where I Sit" the episode is called...nooooo, not so fast, you'll have to see for yourself. Kris was a great guest, as well as a perfect choice to help wrap up the season. Thanks so much, Kris!

Kris' info: All available at linktr.ee/fwispc

Kris' picks: Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig, and This Might Get Weird

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  • Marc"the Shark" MMA show
  • Financial Residency
  • What Was That Like
  • Howiedoinit
  • Widow Walking Forward
  • Junk Foodies
  • Neurotic Nourishment
  • 10ish
  • Odd Tonic
  • Bring Back Soul Music
  • Movies with Cain and Tal
  • Organize for Success
  • Just Na Science
  • One Bad Review
  • Think Like A Man 
  • Robert Gardner Wellness
  • The Nocturnal Disney Podcast
  • The Heavyweight Chumps

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