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July 10, 2019

Step 1- Listen to "Greener Thoughts" with Na'ilah. Step 2- Help Save the Earth. Step 3- Repeat often....

Step 1- Listen to "Greener Thoughts" with Na'ilah. Step 2- Help Save the Earth. Step 3- Repeat often....

Welcome to the Sherpa Sheet! It's the "Save the Earth" edition. I wanted to be sure I would pronounce Na'ilah's name correctly for the interview (I know it bugs me when people mispronounce "sherpa"..or "Jim"). She prefers the pronunciation "NY-lah..like the Lion King." And oddly enough, isn't preserving our planet for the next generation part of "The Circle of Life"? (My lawyer,Dirty Louie, says I won't have to pay Elton John and Tim Rice royalties for saying that.) I definitely agree that she is living up to the definition of her name. Na'ilah's clearly a woman of many talents, and her creative side is evident in her podcast.  She even "out-sherpa'd" me with her podcast suggestions. She listens to more than I do in a given time. Hmmmm...If I hang up on this podcasting gig, I may have found a Sherpa Successor. Plus! Seafood lasagne! Gary Vee strikes again! Styrofoam gets the boot! And, The sherpa's elementary school teacher leaves a lifetime littering lesson!

Na'ilah's info:anchor.fm/greenerthoughtspodcast  ("Greener Thoughts" is currently on 10 platforms & Podcoin!)




For Na'ilah''s Sierra Club Guest Blog post read, here is the link: 


Na'ilah's Podcast Picks: Life of Logan; Morning Cup of Murder; Black History Buff; To Be Single or Not To Be; Suze Orman-Women and Money; The Read; Mythology; Small Doses; Family Secrets; Climactic; NPR Environment; Hippy Haven Podcast; Cross Currents; The Green News Report

Sherpa Suggestions:

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  • Costing the Earth
  • Resources Radio
  • Sustainababble
  • Greener Thoughts

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