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Oct. 8, 2020

Supersize the candy and drink! We're talking with John Maye of "The Binge Watcher's Podcast"!

Supersize the candy and drink! We're talking with John Maye of "The Binge Watcher's Podcast"!

Day 3!! Okay, I'll start by answering the burning question. Even though it's an audio-only podcast (for your own good) John did an excellent John Belushi eyebrow-raise-thing. After he said he auditioned for the part, I really could imagine him doing it. So now, I'm mad at that other guy who got it (unless he comes on the show, of course...) I thought he had an interesting perspective on movie-making and how movie trailers can tell you if a movie is worth it or not...sometimes.  I'm sure if you check his podcast out, you'll enjoy his perspectives, too! Thanks John. I wish I had interviewed you before seeing the classic holiday comedy, "The Family Stone."

John's info: Website: bwpodcast.com Instagram: @realjohntmaye

John's faves: The Joe Rogan Experience; Life is Short, with Justin Long; How Did This Get Made? Last Podcast on the Left; The History of Jaws, Disgraceland

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