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Dec. 4, 2020

The Election's Over, but Vote for Middagh Goodwin, Anyway!

The Election's Over, but Vote for Middagh Goodwin, Anyway!

Before we started our interview, my first words to Middagh were, "Okay, I'm jealous." To which he responded, "Of what?" Well, I won't name names, but he was in a picture standing next to an 80's rocker I've been trying to get on the show. I keep getting, "Their schedule is full." While he DOES know this rocker, unfortunately, not well enough to call them and say"Contact the Sherpa."  So, sorry about that, Rebels. But no complaints otherwise on having a fascinating guest on this episode! If he were a candidate for President, he'd certainly have my vote. And Middagh shares his story about running for president, while making people aware about understanding the issues but going out , voting, and making a difference. And of course, he shared his stories about the artists whom he's worked with as a tour promoter. And the guy knows his stuff, too. Listen to him on-air when you get the chance, okay? Thanks so much, Middagh!! ( Note to Middagh: Also, Suggs from Madness is way more than a suitable substitute if 80's rocker doesn't come around...)

Read Middagh's handy work at modestoview.com Listen to him on Mon 5 PM PST-Modesto Area Music Show and Tuesday- 9PM PST- This is SKA ,95.5 at http://kcbpradio.org/

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