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July 3, 2019

The Money-Making Episode: Get to know Apple Crider of "Young Smart Money"!

The Money-Making Episode: Get to know Apple Crider of

If I could bottle and sell Apple Crider's energy from our interview alone, I'd already be on track to making money. He's definitely someone who is wise beyond his years in matters of marketing and personal finance. If you looked up "ambition" in the dictionary, you'd probably see his picture. He's no fly-by night-get-rich-quick snake oil salesman. He's clearly a guy who's been out in the trenches, and can walk the walk and talk the talk with his podcast guests. His podcast and website will give you good information regarding earning money, Plus! Money-making apps!  Mom as a podcast guest? "If I had a Hundred Dollars" (not to be confused with the Barenaked Ladies song of much more money). And , an elementary school friend casts the die for Apple's brand! 

Apple's contact info: Podcast-Young Smart Money, website: www.applecrider.com/podcast, www.applecrider.com/cheatsheet, Instagram: @applecriderofficial 

Apple's recommendations:Jim Rohn, Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas, Smart Passive Income, Online Marketing Made Easy, Planet Money

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