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July 6, 2022

The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet Jennifer Vaughn! (Season 8 Finale)

The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet Jennifer Vaughn! (Season 8 Finale)

Back when I was a wee Sherpa, news anchor Walter Cronkite was considered "the most trusted man in America". Around jellybeans might have been a different story, but I digress. Sometimes, I wonder if ,in this day and age, the evening news could be a source of that trust again. I must say that in speaking to Jennifer, you can most definitely hear the dedication to her profession in her responses to my questions. Maybe those who report the news and are more concerned about their image, rather than the heart of the story, can learn a thing or two from her. So you can only imagine what a good read that "Made In Hollywood" will be. And hopefully, that the subject, Scott Morrow, will pay the Screening Room a visit. She shared a few stories from the book, but I imagine that's only the tip of the iceberg. Not only is Jennifer's story interesting, but the stories that she delivers, both fiction and non-fiction, know how to hold your interest. Thanks so much for coming by, Jennifer, and for helping to wrap up Season 8!

Jennifer's website:http://www.jvwrites.com/

Next week, it's the Season 8 wrap up. Hear about what you've missed, and what's to come!

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