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Oct. 27, 2021

The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet John Vorhaus!

The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet John Vorhaus!
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A little bit of trivia: John wrote a season 2 episode of "Married...With Children"which was about Kelly Bundy getting her license, while Al Bundy loses his, just when he wants to go bet on a horse. But I find it interesting that he's got an almost scientific approach to humor. (Apart from the facts that farts are always funny to him.) I'm sure when John takes his standup routine to the masses, it will go over very well. He's already made so many of us laugh with his scripts and books. Hopefully, we can get him back on the show after his book on stand up comes out. But I think maybe in the meantime, I'll have to sleep-learn from one of his books on how to be funny. Unless Mr. Bruce just beans me over the head with it. But then we'll need pies to throw. MMMM....pie. Wait, sorry, I drifted there for a second. Anyway, thank you, John for coming by, and the best of luck as well!

John's website: www.johnvorhaus.com

Next week, the lovely and talented Dr. Lindsay Weisner returns, with not one, but two, count 'em, twp podcasts!

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