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Oct. 31, 2020

The Sherpa's Scary Supernatural Saturday Special! Part 2: "Walking The Shadowlands" with Marianne (A Sherpa Select)

The Sherpa's Scary Supernatural Saturday Special! Part 2:
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Part 2 of today's Halloween Special! Let's keep it spooky! Thanks Marianne! This is the remixed edited version, less the reference to a contest that you missed, and a podcast app that no longer exists! Here are the original show notes on the Sherpa Sheet:


Who else but me gets the bright idea to record a podcast about the paranormal at 11:00 PM on a Saturday night? When Marianne and I were done, I was worried I would hear "GETTTTT OUTTTT!!!" on my Alexa speaker. It was really interesting hearing Marianne's perspectives on the paranormal. While many may have a degree of skepticism on these subjects, Marianne related her stories just like she does with her podcast-straightforward and factual. I also felt that it was also a nice change of pace for the show, don't you think? Also! Say "Patupaiorehe" five times fast!  Who's making the lights flicker? Say WHAT to Alexa? Is Bigfoot travelling under an alias? And, if you hit a ghost with you car, do they take away it's haunting license?

You can listen to the show on an Alexa device, simply by saying "Alexa, play Too Many Podcasts! on TuneIn." How much easier can I make it for you???

Marianne's info: Website: www.walkingtheshadowlands.com ; Facebook and Twitter: @Walking the Shadowlands; email- shadowlands@yahoo.com She likes getting stories of paranormal experiences. Sorry, listening to my podcast does NOT count!

Sherpa Suggestions:

  • Walking The Shadowlands;
  • Astonishing Legends;
  • Beyond The Darkness
  • Unexplained;
  • Aaron Mehnke's Cabinet of Curiosities

That's it for this week's Sherpa Sheet-see you next time!


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