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Dec. 11, 2020

Tuning In (and Geeking out) to "Earth Station One", with Mike Faber!!

Tuning In (and Geeking out) to "Earth Station One", with Mike Faber!!

Not to sound like a broken record  (Um, doesn't a broken record make no sound?) but I love episodes where I get to learn stuff. Mike Faber was the perfect guy to introduce me to the "con" (convention) world. Especially for someone who's gone for a long time.And I learned about Dr. Who! Who? Oh, I'm not starting that again...His collection of Pops was unbelievable too. I'd never heard of them until this interview. I better not start collecting anything else, or the Sherpa bride may want to start collecting alimony checks! ( I'm kidding Rebels...KIDDING!) Much appreciation to Mike for the lessons!

Mike's info: Podcasts: Earth Station One, Earth Station Who, Dragon Report. website: esonetwork.com, earthstationone.com, earthstationwho.com, dragonconreport.com email: feedback@esonetwork.com 

Mikes Faves: Fatman Beyond, WTF, But First, Let's talk Nerdy, Face the Music, StarTalk Radio, The Mike O'Meara show, Broken Record

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  • The Lit Gaming Arena
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  • Triple G Podcast
  • The Nerdy Show
  • 30 and Nerdy
  • Epic Podcast
  • The Derpy Show
  • Quotal Recall

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