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April 20, 2022

We're shooting the (Esther's) "Breeze" with Esther Brzezinski!

We're shooting the (Esther's)
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Esther may be in her 60's, but she doesn't look it at all. Unlike me, who is 145. But she doesn't think like someone in her 60's. A situation during the pandemic presented itself, and poof! This Canadian entrepreneur was off to the races, um, the podcast. To be honest, I actually had a bad experience with an influencer, which really left a bad taste in my mouth about putting them on this show. But if they're like Esther, come on down to The Sherpa Chalet! Maybe next time she's on, we'll get her to sing the "Batman" theme? Dare to dream, Rebels dare to dream. Thanks for coming on the show. Esther!

Esther's info:  IG: @estieb;YouTube: Esther's BreezeandNoon Hour Out of The Box; Email: estieb_7@hotmail.com; TikTok: @estherbrzezinski

Esther's Fave: No Jumper

For this week's "Sherpa Samples" we're talking about The McElroy Family (click here for their podcast listing), available on theMaximum Fun Network. 

Next week, we're starting a bunch of "Sherpa Screening Room" episodes with comic Keith Ross Nelson. Kung Fu, Kats, and Komedy! (Sure, it's no "ninjas, noodles, and noir", but you can't say I didn't try. Or maybe you can...?

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Publicist Extraordinaire: Steven Joiner

Music Credits/Voiceovers: Bruce Goldberg ( aka Mr. Bruce)

Other Voices: The Sherpalu Studio Players

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