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Oct. 23, 2019

"What Was That Like"? The Sherpa interviews Scott Johnson for some real unreal stories!

"What Was That Like"? The Sherpa interviews Scott Johnson for some real unreal stories!

Most of you know your Podcast Sherpa, and you know there's nothing like a unique podcast to catch his ear. And boy, did I find one! Enter Scott Johnson, computer expert, to fry our circuit boards! (Hey, YOU try to come up with a clever computer analogy.) What Was That Like is all at once gritty, funny, twisted, and very real. Kind of like a breakfast at IHOP. Oh wait, I better not discuss meals, given one of the podcast episodes we discuss! Let's just focus on the lady who married a wrong number, shall we? Check out his show. It's the slice of life that gets left in the back of the fridge...oh wait, there I go again, discussing food! Ok, time for the sherpa to go to his happy place.....

Scott's info;  Website- http://whatwasthatlike.com, Podcast: What Was that Like 

Scott's Recommendations: Darknet Diaries; School of Podcasting; The Podcast Rodeo; Office Ladies

Sherpa (Scary Podcast) Suggestions:https://www.geek.com/culture/best-scary-podcasts-to-get-you-in-the-mood-for-halloween-1807433/

  1. The Edge of Sleep
  2. Odd Tonic 
  3. Ghost Town
  4. Cryptids
  5. Walking the Shadowlands
  6. Nocturne
  7. The Moonlit Road
  8. My Favorite Murder
  9. The Black Tapes
  10. Beyond with Mike Kelton

And don't forget! November 1st will be the first teaser promo for a new podcast that's planned for next year. Subscribe now, so you can catch the new episodes when it launches. Thank you!

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