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June 1, 2022

Will and Karen, of "The Skeptic Metaphysicians"podcast, make an Afterlife House Call!

Will and Karen, of

Jealous, Rebels! I had to tell Will and Karen before our interview how jealous I am of the audio on their podcast. So, they just laughed at me and phoned one of their previous guests to cast a spell on me.And now, I have a tail. I mean, again, I have another tail. Do you realize how difficult this makes buying shorts? But I digress. Not only were these two smart and fun, they could easily grace the cover of a magazine. (I didn't mention that I was jealous of their good looks, because they still had the guest on the line.) The show may cover some heavy stuff, but as Will puts it, they want it to come across as Metaphysics 101. Which I have to be careful, that I don't end up having "the college dreams" where I'm never ready for a quiz, and I keep needing one more class to graduate. (No joke!) So check out their really cool and educational show, but not while playing Menudo in the background. (Don't worry, Karen will explain...) Thanks for coming on the show! (And I'll get over my jealousy. Eventually....)

The Skeptic Metaphysicians' faves: Dr. Wayne W Dyer Podcast, Smartless. (Karen just likes to sample...maybe she'll be a guest "Sherpa Sampler" in the future?)

The Skeptic Metaphysicians' info: Website:https://www.skepticmetaphysician.com ; Instagram:@skepticmetaphysician_podcast ; Twitter: @WillRodriguesFl; Facebook:@SkepticMetaphysician 

These are the shows that were sampled this week for "Sherpa Samples":

  1. 99% Invisible
  2. Radiolab
  3. No Such Thing As A Fish
  4. Criminal
  5. Twenty Thousand Hertz

We're heading over to "The Sherpa Screening Room" next week, to meet actor/writer/director John Anthony.

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