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Nov. 20, 2020

Yo, DJ, play that Podcast! Darran Bruce of "The DJ Sessions" is in the Mix!

Yo, DJ, play that Podcast! Darran Bruce of "The DJ Sessions" is in the Mix!

Darran Bruce strikes me as a guy who likes to be ahead of the curve. As opposed to me. who tends to trip on it, and get tangled up in it. What he says about playing copyrighted material is very important to podcasters,because so many don't know what the actual rules ae. Any music that I play on here is with consent from the artist. And Major League Baseball. Which I don't really know why, because i don't own a stadium organ. But I do have Mr. Bruce announcing when I'll be singing the national anthem. But I digress. Hopefully, Darran enjoyed his glass of frothy German "milk" (it might rhyme with "Knowin' Cow") while we had our interview, but I certainly appreciated his time! 

Darran's info: Website: thedjsessions.com; Facebook: @facebook.com/itvlivethedjsessions; Twiter, Instagram @thedjsessions

Darran's faves (Live streams): Maceo plex; Marc Rebillet 

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