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June 26, 2019

Zachary Smith is a man on a "Mission 4 Health"....really, he is!

Zachary Smith is a man on a "Mission 4 Health"....really, he is!

It was a real pleasure speaking with Zach for this week's episode. Talk about someone with a real passion for life, and a spiritual connection to what he does for others. Super easy to listen to his show, too, since it's in easy 1-minute bites. And he gives you a minute worth thinking about.  I think Mary Catherine will certainly grow up in a world where her parents will always let her know how special she is to them. After our conversation, I got him Dan Young's (my previous guest, who hosts Total Wellness Radio) contact info. I think even if they don't end up on each other's podcast, they would still have a great conversation about living a healthy life. But fingers crossed for networking. Also! All meat, all the time? Is it too late to eat that (thank you, Sherpa Bride!)? Who needs a coach? And, does the Master's Tournament of Disc Golf give you a green jacket, or a ladder to get your Frisbee off the roof?

Zachary's info:Facebook: Mission 4 Health; Instagram @dailymissionforhealth, @zaach21 

Zachary's Podcast picks: Your First 100K, Broken Catholic, Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

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