It's a podcast about podcasts...and more! Are you new to podcasts or looking for something different to listen to.? Here's where I can help. I interview podcasters and folks in the entertainment field, throw some recommendations your way, and sometimes teach you about podcasts. All for free! Just like my bad jokes!Think of me as your podcast sherpa. Got media to promote? I'll interview you on my show, or mention it. Still free! Just email me at jimthepodcastsherpa@gmail.com . Listen, subscribe, review, spread the word, and make this your 6th favorite podcast! (Keeping the pressure off here...)

This Month's Guests

10/8-  Sound Designer/ Voiceover Actor Kennedy Phillips

10/15-  Model/Actor Joshua Azali

10/22  Director Marc Morales

10/29  Comedy Writer/Author John Vorhaus

10/31  The Halloween Episode- "Belle, Book & Candle" podcast host Mela Borawski


About the Host

Jim the Podcast Sherpa

Unfortunately, Your Host, and Prince of the Sherpa Chalet

Jim the Podcast Sherpa was born and raised on Mount Podcastia, which explains his twisted sense of humor and penchant for bad jokes. Did you know that he wrote "It was a dark and stormy night", and was sued by Snoopy for plagiarism?