Welcome to sherpalution.com, the home of "Too Many Podcasts!" and other symptoms of utter madness...


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Promise to make you laugh!

Jim "the podcast sherpa" is so funny, my face hurts from smiling and laughing. Thank you for your generosity and your upbeat attitude, JIm! All hail the podcast Sherpa!


New sub!

Great host, fun and informative!

I really enjoyed chatting with Jim and love what he’s doing, showcasing other podcasts and hosts. He’s a lot of fun to interview with, entertaining and funny! A very lighthearted and fun podcast to learn about other great shows in the industry! Great job, Jim!

This podcast has helped me find many great podcasts!

Charismatic host and great conversations

Enjoyable and educational. Great to hear other podcasters talk about their life and show. It's interesting!

Jim Is One Of My Favorite People ❤️

I honestly got so much joy out of talking to Jim and this was hands down one of my favorite interviews I have ever done! 🙏 Keep crushing it Jim! 👍🔥

Great host and exciting guests

This is a great way to discover new podcasts Jim makes it fun to hear other people and the topics they’re passionate about.