Relationships Episodes

April 28, 2021

In an Out of Bounds Relationship? Let's call Relationship Coach, Andrew W. Shepherd!

Now, Rebels, you just KNOW that a guy who went from an engineer in Great Britain to a teacher in Brazil to a relationship coach in Los Angeles has got an interesting tale to tell. And luckily, on today's episode, you get to h...


August 19, 2020

Save the Date! Dating Coach Rick Soetebier Shows You How!

My bulb might have gone out during my conversation with Rick, but it was an enlightening conversation. (Oh, he did not just write that...) I'm always amazed by the different perspectives presented by my guests on dating and r...


November 20, 2019

Come On, Get Happy! Dr. Lindsay Weisner of "Neurotic Nourishment" talks Happiness (WITHOUT swearing!)!

I'll bet some of my previous podcast guests know a thing or two about past life experiences, but something tells me Dr. Lindsay Weisner was a standup comic in a previous life...or maybe will be in a future one? She had me lau...

Positivity Relationships

August 28, 2019

We ask Jo Wilson, "Is This Love?" (Spoiler alert...It's her podcast...)

What a great time i had speaking with Joanne Wilson! Podcaster, neuropsychotherapist, counselor,blogger, radio personality,writer, wife, mom of 3...I think I would get a hernia again holding her business card! She really prov...


April 24, 2019

On a date? Stop what you're doing and do it better, after you hear Kealy Ryder, host of "Dating Talk With Kealy" !!

We'll start this week's Sherpa Sheet with a behind the scenes story. The interview with Kealy was conducted on a video app. Kealy was concerned about how she'd look on video sans makeup. I just use audio so, no worries. Trust...