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April 24, 2019

On a date? Stop what you're doing and do it better, after you hear Kealy Ryder, host of "Dating Talk With Kealy" !!

On a date? Stop what you're doing and do it better, after you hear Kealy Ryder, host of
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We'll start this week's Sherpa Sheet with a behind the scenes story. The interview with Kealy was conducted on a video app. Kealy was concerned about how she'd look on video sans makeup. I just use audio so, no worries. Trust me, she looked better without makeup than I did WITH makeup. And I was in a prom gown, With swim fins . When I was dating, Tinder referred to firewood and not a hookup app  (Yet, with either one, I'd worry about who was holding the axe.), so it was interesting to hear her perspectives on dating in the modern age. Kealy talks about a great first date and how she successfully avoided working for a moving company of potential serial killers.. She aces "Which Is Better/Which is Worse?"  a game that I made up that I will likely lose the pieces to. She teaches me how a guy should ask her out (Hint: Begging and pleading does not make the cut.) Plus! MeToo dating! How men screw up dates( We do!)! Weird Al breakup therapy! Why Kealy is openly discusses her sex life! (Be thankful that your Sherpa did not) A stoop grows in Brooklyn! And the story of how the lovely Sherpa bride came in the picture, even though Panera Bread thinks the Sherpa is a cheapskate! 

Kealy, like the guests I've had on so far, was a real pleasure to speak with. She's clearly comfortable in her own skin, and was very down-to-earth  Check out her podcast, but wear headphones! I'm sure at some point in her future, she will meet a great guy who will treat her the way women deserve to be treated. Someone that nice deserves that happiness. She stresses that men should listen...and if you're listening to her podcast, you're on the right path. 

So, what else this week? It's a continuation of the Allison Sharpe Admiration Society! Thank you soooo much for the kind words about Too Many Podcasts! Hopefully, it will grow my listenership, or I'll have to revisit that begging and pleading again. Also, more Sherpa Suggestions for dating and sex podcasts. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don't forget...you can email your podcast suggestions, or mention your podcast to jimthepodcastsherpa@gmail.com or leave me a voicemail on the Anchor app. Either one could end up on a future show, so come on and get famous! And leave a positive review, because this show is for you! (Darn, I forgot to ask Kealy about bad poetry!)

Kealy's contact info: "Dating Talk with Kealy"-podcast, IG: @datingtalkwithkealy; Twitter- @datingtalkwithk; email -datingtalkwithkealy@gmail.com

Kealy's podcast suggestions: My Favorite Murder, It's Not She, It's You

Sherpa Suggestions for the week: U Up?; I Don't Get It; Unsolicited Advice with Ashley and Taryne, Call Her Daddy,; Speaking of Sex With The Pleasure Mechanics

That's it for this week's Sherpa Sheet! Don't forget to subscribe and spread the word. Thanks for spending your time here!

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